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Are you the parent of a child with a disability? Did you know that medical malpractice could be the cause?

Was your child's birth injury caused by nature or medical malpractice? We can investigate.

Our law firm concentrates on the litigation of birth injuries nationwide. With an OBGYN, labor/delivery nurse and other experienced medical and legal professionals representing your rights, the MEDLAW Legal Team offers families and children the resources and experience necessary to successfully litigate healthcare negligence claims.

Our medical malpractice attorneys focus on the representation of families whose children have developed a disability as a result of negligent medical care.


Vojta Therapy:
Clinic brings a therapy used in Europe to area

Oct., 18th, 2005
Times Leader, PA

"Dr. Richard Cohen, of Cohen Chiropractic Clinic, is practicing Vojta therapy, also known as reflexlocomotion. It was developed in the early 1950s by a Czech doctor named Vaclav Vojta.

The Vojta method originally was used to treat children who suffered from muscle and coordination problems. It is based on observations Vojta made of the flow and interaction of motor reactions in the entire body. A German, Dr. Theodor Hellbruegge, further developed the therapy based on Vojta’s work and it is now used throughout Europe.

As Dr. Cohen explains, Vojta involves the stimulation of certain zones in the body for reflex muscle actions. It is unlike anything a regular chiropractic patient may have experienced in the U.S.

“It is not a manipulation, and not an adjustment,” Cohen said. “There is no movement of the joints, no cracking."

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Vojta Therapy History


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