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Are you the parent of a child with a disability? Did you know that medical malpractice could be the cause?

Was your child's birth injury caused by nature or medical malpractice? We can investigate.

Our law firm concentrates on the litigation of birth injuries nationwide. With an OBGYN, labor/delivery nurse and other experienced medical and legal professionals representing your rights, the MEDLAW Legal Team offers families and children the resources and experience necessary to successfully litigate healthcare negligence claims.

Our medical malpractice attorneys focus on the representation of families whose children have developed a disability as a result of negligent medical care.



A Favor is Returned 25 Years Later


"Twenty five years ago, a young man with Cerebral Palsy learned to walk after receiving help at the Bay Cliff Health Camp. Now, that man is helping the camp in return.

Thirty-three-year-old Dan Pestka, along with the generous support of his father and Oberstar Construction, sponsored a paved trail at the camp that leads down to the Lake Superior shoreline. The trail has created a new lookout point to the lake.

The total cost for the project is $145,000. The camp's director says if it wasn't for people like the Pestka's, Bay Cliff wouldn't be able to provide so much for the children.

Tim Bennett with Bay Cliff says, "This is the vision. The vision is helping kids to live full lives and to do all the things other kids take for granted. How about going to the beach for an afternoon to enjoy a nice warm day on the shore of Lake Superior? That's a part of the vision where we're opening up those opportunities to kids."

Dan Pestka and his father, Norman, cut the ribbon for the new trail and lookout point at a dedication ceremony this weekend."




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